Who are we

Join venture between Muesco USA and Anchor/Darling Valve since 1987

What we do

Providing wide variety of customized fluid control mechanisms using valves.


We produce valves of many sizes, materials, fluids serving varied applications.

Who we serve

We provide solutions to leading companies in chemical, petroleum, fire protection and water management industries.

Our Solutions

The challenge to using various types of Corrosive and Hazardous Chemicals Unloading from the Ship and losing into the Tankers were given to us, where any chemical can pass thru any valves at a different time. The Project was Adani Port, Hazira, India. The selection of the Body/ Trim material and mainly the Elastomer material was a BIG Challenge. Various International Companies who were invited for the job had regretted such possibilities. Darling Muesco had developed special type of Elastomers to suit such applications, with a European Company and have delivered 122 Nos. Digital Control Valves about 18 months back. All valves are working quite satisfactory today without any of the elastomers even giving away.
Ethanol Blended Motor Spirit is a very difficult to handle in terms of the Elastomers and Diaphragms. Darling Muesco has supplied with Special Type of Sol. Valves and Special Diaphragms to customer in Brazil - the Digital Control Valves for such application. Brazil is one of the country in the world who uses highest amount of Ethanol with Petrol.- almost 20% to 25%.


Recent Projects

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