Auto Re-circulation Valve


Product Description

Auto Re-circulation on a Refueller to control the pumping pressure of Air Crafts. Solenoid Override or Pneumatic Override to safeguard the system. This can be operated remotely to re-circulate full flow. When installed in Main line, it prevents upstream pressure dropping below preset value. When installed on a By-Pass line, it controls main line pressure by relieving excess pressure in By-Pass/sump. Ideal for pump by pass to protect the downstream equipments. Relief pilot (F16) is normally closed due to spring tension. With increase in upstream pressure above set value, Pilot (F-16) opens which makes Main Valve to open fully.

Product Details

  • Size: 25 NB to 600 NB
  • Pressure Range: Standard :20 - 200 psig
  • Fluid Supported: WATER/ WHITE OIL
  • Construction Materials: Cast Steel
  • Proud Installation: VARIOUS IOCL DEPOTS