Bellow Sealed Safety Relief Valve

Product Description

Bellow sealed type safety relief valve is used when there is back pressure which is more than 10% of Set Pressure or highly corrosive toxic vapours and High Temp. fluids like thermic fluid.Bellow sealed Safety Valve used wherein movable elements and springs are protected against the effect of fluids by bellow. The bellow design is compensated for influences of back pressure.Balanced bellow valve is used to protect the fluid to enter into bonnet area and possibility to go into atmosphere.This type of valve commonly used in critical application where very minor set pressure or blowdown required.

Product Details

  • Size: 1” x 2”(25 x 50 mm) To 10” x 14”(250 x 350 mm)
  • Fluid Supported: liquid
  • Construction Materials: SS316L,Inclone625